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how to earn 100$ per day


1. Start Your Own Website

Start Your Own Website
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Make Your Own Website Whether Its A Blog Website Or Other Category Website And Implement The Ads Of Google Adsense And Monetize Your Website And Earn Money And If You Want To Earn More Money Then Target Your Website In Developed Countries Like- USA, Germany, Uk, Australia Etc. And Make Your Website User Friendly Because If User Came Many Times In Your Website Then You Can Earn More Money. It Means High Traffic Equals To High Earning

Make Your Own YouTube Channel
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2. Make Your Own Youtube Channel

Make Your Own Youtube Channel And Try To Complete The Monetization Process Which Is 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Hours Watchtime In A Year. After Monetization You Are Able To Earn Money From Google Adsense. If You Become Popular On Youtube Then You Will Get Paid Sponsor Ship Also Which Help You To Earn More Money Through Your Videoes. The Payment That You Got Is Based On Thousand Views.

Digital Marketing
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3. Digital Marketing

If You Want To Earn Money Through Digital Marketing Then You Have Special Knowledge About Digital Marketing. In Digital Marketing You Have To Promote Some Products Or Services By Using Social Media. Ex: Instagram, For This Work, You Can Earn 200$-300$ Per Day Also

Affiliate Marketing
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4. Affiliate Marketing

Once Your Website Or Youtube Channel has Become Popular, Then Affiliate Marketing By Allowing Companies To Insert Web Links On To Your Site. At the point when Visitors come To Your Site Buy Products Or Services By Clicking On Such Links, or you can promote with your YouTube Channel, You Earn-Out From It. Example Amazon Affiliate Program 

Make Your Own Android Or Ios Apps
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5. Make Your Own Android Or Ios Apps

Make Your Own Apps Through Android Studio And Integrate Advertisement Unit Id From Google Admob Or Facebook Advertisement Unit Id And Publish On Google Play Console Account And Then Promote Your App And Try To Hit Developed Countries To Earn More And More Money And Also Remember That More Traffic Means More Earning.

Social Media
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6. Social Media (Bonus Tip)

If You Have Large Quantity Followers Or Subscribers On Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, Tiktok Then You Can Earn Money From This Platforms Also. Companies And Popular Brands Promote Their Product Or Services Through Your Posts Or Stories For Making Their Brand Or Services Popular.

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