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Home News Cleveland Clinic health care workers head to New York

Cleveland Clinic health care workers head to New York

Well you talk about being proud of our frontline health care workers more than two dozen of them boarded a plane this morning to head to New York City

They volunteered to help patients in some of the hardest-hit areas of the country

More than two dozen healthcare workers boarded a plane this morning to head to New York. They volunteered to help in some of the hardest-hit areas in the country.

This is a picture that made rounds on social media today and they got quite the send-off at Cleveland Hopkins Airport

A Manny Abraham shows us how some people showed their appreciation

their bags packed and their tickets booked loved ones exchanging farewell hugs and even goodbye kisses through face masks today marked a new journey for 25 Cleveland Clinic caregivers

NAR slim chief accion will be spending the next month at New York-Presbyterian Hospital

she’s always putting others before her so just another selfless act and you know

she’s among those who have volunteered to go to New York after the Cleveland Clinic connected with hospitals requesting extra help during the Covid 19 pandemic

no doubt today was a mix of emotions

before boarding their plane a moment of gratitude

beginning next week the hospital says a number of caregivers will also be headed to Michigan where they’ll help patients at Henry Ford Hospital

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