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Coronavirus – Online food delivery can also cause infection | Know how to be careful while ordering

The entire country is under lockdown due to the Corona virus. In such a situation, people have to order food online. But the goods from outside can also become a threat to you. Those who are stuck in other cities have the option to order food only online. In such a situation, many people are skeptical about whether they will be hit by Covid-19 in ordering food. Let’s know how safe it is to order food online.

Many companies also offer a no contact delivery option when offering online service. Delivery leaves your goods outside your house. Which you will know by notification. With this, you can avoid coming in contact with someone outside.

Online food delivery can also cause infection, know how to be careful while ordering

Is ordering food online safe or not?

If experts believe that no evidence of coronavirus infection has been found so far through food or food packaging, because the virus kills by cooking properly, the food ordered online is completely safe. Although the chances of getting infected due to exposure to food packaging are slim, it is necessary to take precautions. If you are ordering food online, then take special care of these things-

Online food delivery can also cause infection, know how to be careful while ordering
Online food delivery can also cause infection, know how to be careful while ordering

Select ‘contactless delivery’ option

To order food, you choose to have contactless delivery. These days many food delivery companies including Jomato-Swiggy are offering contactless delivery options. Under contactless delivery, the delivery person will place your food outside your door, play the doorbell, and call you to confirm delivery. You will also get your order and there will be a safe distance from the delivery person.

Leave carry bag outside

Put the carry bag in the outer dustbin before you bring the food packet inside. Pour food into a clean container, discard the packaging into the dustbin. If your food is not hot, then make it hot before eating. Spoons and forks should be used instead of eating by hand.

Wash hands well

You may have to work a bit hard to corona proof the food delivery, but after that whenever you enjoy your delicious food, everything becomes meaningful / be safe, keep getting the necessary information, and most importantly That you continue to enjoy your food.

Pay online

Try these days to avoid paying cash. If you make a cash payment, try to give the full amount, so that you do not have to make any change or open. As far as possible, make digital payments.

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