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It is just a game for most people.

But for me.. it is everything!

An eleven player game that binds several people together.

That’s how I see it.

Me, My Friends..

The tea shop owner.

This game brought us all together.

More than studying for exams..

I’ve spent more time watching football matches.

Come to think of it,

Life is also like a football game.

When we go chasing a goal in your life,

there will be a huge team defending us from scoring the goal.

Will we get past them to make that goal? Or will we miss?

That’s what matters. Both in life and the game.

People are even willing to sacrifice their lives for this game.
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This is not just a word.

Football is an expression of our Love, Determination and Hard Work!

We fight, plead, cry

and finally convince our parents to get us

that one pair of football shoes.

We set the alarm clock to wake us up every morning.

Pointless. Where do we even sleep to wake up to it?

Who’ll even feel sleepy with a match the next day?

We sacrifice everything to hustle for the game.

Only to be showered with the criticism.

Not the constructive kind but the ones that shatters our hopes.

Even a red card on the game is tolerable.

but the destructive words showered on us..

Hurts deep inside!

Months of effort would feel pointless.

“Who let him on the field?” they’d ask.

It wouldn’t end there.

“Too week”

“Too fat”

“Too thin”

“You can’t do it!”

“Too Short”

The list goes on..

One kick..

One wrong kick is all it takes!

They’d laugh at us like a bad joke.

“You’ll never make it. Give up!” They’d say.

It’s okay to feel bad listening to it.

It’s okay to cry your heart out.

But give up on the game?

That to without winning?


We’ll fall.

Even if there is no one to pick us up, we’ll get up!

We’ll make lots of mistakes.

We’ll learn a lot more lessons!

Most importantly, we’ll remember the motto..

Ignore Negativity!

We’ll hustle harder to prove them wrong.

Wait. Who is he?

Why do we have to prove anything to him?

This is our life!

Our game!

We are the players here!

If we lose the game, then who’ll win it?

This is not just a game.

Its an addiction. A high!

We’ve shed blood, sweat and tears for this game.

Because one day,

The game will give it all back to you!

The Name, Fame, Love, everything.

The haters will continue to laugh.

That’s coz he doesn’t know..

that only we can win our game!

That day he’ll say..

“Atta Boy! I always knew he would make it!” because..

Life is a circle. The winners will lose someday and the losers will win.

But the ones that blame, will only keep blaming till then end.

Does this sound like a Thalapathy dialogue to you?

Every person who struggles and fails,

only to work harder to pick themselves up,

and fight till they reach the end and score that goal…

Is a Thalapathy!

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