DIY Fabric Face Mask
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DIY Fabric Face Mask

Fabric face masks are a quick and easy DIY and we’ll walk you through it step by step.

Begin by cutting a 15-inch by 8-inch
piece of fabric.

Fold it in half, then measure three
inches in from each edge and mark,

leaving a space between the marks open
to accommodate a filter.

When you’re done, bring the seam to the center.

Now, cut two 7-inch pieces of elastic and pin them between the layers of fabric.

One end at each corner on each side of the mask.

DIY Fabric Face Mask
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Then, just sew along the edges to close
up the sides and secure the elastic.

Turn the fabric right side out, press it, and
you’re ready to add pleats!

To make the pleats, mark the fabric by
placing pins one inch from the bottom on

each side of the mask. Now, keep pinning
all the way across.

We’ll put the correct spacing on the screen for you.

These pleats are important because they
help the mask expand completely to cover

your nose and chin. When your pins are in
place, fold the fabric lining up the pins.

Secure with extra if needed and sew
along the edge.

Continue doing that on each side of the
mask and it’s ready to go!

Easy right? Now that you have it down
you can make some masks for yourself and

some extras to donate.

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