Googly Eyes Highlight Intros
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Overwatch Googly Eyes

Googly Eyes Highlight Intros

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ALL GOOGLY EYE HIGHLIGHT INTROS! (Overwatch April Fools’ 2020)

With April Fools coming around, Overwatch has a great time to the game, including putting googly eyes on the entirety of their legends. | Image civility of Blizzard

Overwatch googly eyes are the April Fool’s joke of the year from Blizzard giving saints in the game googly eyes.

Snowstorm has likewise taken the fan adored feature introductions after each match, and have set those googly eyes on the legends for their spotlight minutes. There are huge amounts of clever introductions to pick from, yet here are five that just got an additional laugh.


At 3:08 in the video, you can detect a feature introduction that typically makes Hanzo look incredibly cool. Rather, when his bolt punctures the bulls-eye and breaks the objective fifty-fifty, he is left remaining there with monstrous silly eyes.


At 3:55, slightly after Hanzo’s, you get the chance to see Lucio destroying his DJ set. Rather than seeming as though a DJ that comprehends what he’s doing, he looks only somewhat insane.

Warrior: 76

Have you at any point needed to perceive what it’d resemble to get wrecked by a clever looking person? Well look no farther than 8:05 to get Soldier: 76 thumping you to the ground and remaining over you in a threatening way…. well it should be scary.


By and by, Symmetra just looks plain befuddled at 8:52 as her eyes are urgently attempting to stay aware of what she’s doing.

Destroying Ball

Unmistakably all of his feature introductions in Overwatch are delightful with the googly eyes. In any case, at 10:57, that image everybody knows turns out to be much increasingly entertaining with the enormous eyes.

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