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KIDS ON LOCKDOWN! 10 Fun Board Games to Play During Quarantine

So you have put coconut on the monkey’s hands and then fling it, and then you have to try to put the coconut into a cup.

I like the game because you get to fling the coconuts in a cup, and I like flinging coconuts.

And just to clarify things up there’s like eight coconuts or something

in the game, so you’re gonna have many
shots I

I like the game because you can steal
other people’s cups they’re gonna be

like stacked up there’s three in the
bottom row than to the one and if when

you fling your monkey if the coconut
lands and the other person’s store store

of cups, you steal it from them and also
the other thing that I like about this

game is there’s like power special power
cards that tell people to like close

their eyes for the next or the next time
they get their board or you but the

funniest one is probably where you try
to blow the coconut off-course when the


person swinging it if you want to play
coconuts with just two players we

out coconuts Dillo which is a two-player

version but you can also combine
coconuts duo with coconuts to play with

six players so that’s a pretty cool number
five so in this game you have to hit the

a ball with the thing to knock down the
barrels it’s kind of like bowling yeah I

like this game because of most of the games
don’t involve ball well bowling is an

the aspect of the game there’s also the
collecting treasure which is how you win

the game by collecting the most gold
coins because you aren’t Vikings right

yes this is probably my favorite game
that’s by the company Haba which is a

german word game company but there’s
also many other games by habo that we

love and that we have – this might be
the runner up it’s called Rhino hero we

also really love this one so yeah how
about a really good company that makes

games for kids
number seven is zombie kids evolution so

you have to try to defeat the zombies
out of the school by locking up all of

the gates I like it because zombies get
get defeated and also there are

different envelopes that you can open
and more about the envelopes thing this

is a legacy game is when
the gameplay is kind of different each

time play because in this game you
unlock envelopes as you progress and the

envelopes will have like more variants
to the game and special challenges and

makes the game more fun number six this
the blokus is in this game you have to try to

KIDS ON LOCKDOWN! 10 Fun Board Games to Play During Quarantine
KIDS ON LOCKDOWN! 10 Fun Board Games to Play During Quarantine

get rid of all of your tiles and you can
block people along the way I like this

because you get a little block people so
yeah you’re basically just placing tiles

people are killing people because
eventually towards the end of the game

the game board will start to run out of
space so there’s a strategy in this game

and as you can see it’s a pretty big
a game like the size because if I put it

here it’s almost covering brother’s head
this might be the most the game that

most of you have heard of out of all the
10 games that we’ll be mentioning today

but it’s still really fun it’s not big
it’s not like you’re bigger to the

finish line first and the here is fast
but if it’s a first place I’ll

take a little rest but the turtle is
slow and steady and doesn’t take any

rest and there are other characters like
a sheep and wolf and they have that all

all the animals have special powers so
you just have to reach the finish line

in the first place why do you as I like
this game because of the tortoise and the


hare move like that fairytale there’s a
whole series of these tales and games

this is the third one in the series but
there’s many others 9 9 okay something

like that this is the first one and us
also really like this

I think these games are in a really cute
shape because it resembles a fairy tale

book and all your bookmark yeah the game
also comes with a little storybook of

the fable that’s based on so if you’re
not familiar with the tale you can just

read it before you play the game tales
in-game number, of course, I school in

this game you have to get the most fish
by flicking the penguin through the

the doorway I like this game because of the
principle of the ice school tries to

catch you so you have to it
kind of exciting to try to flick the

penguin and avoid the Prieta I just like
the aspect of flicking the penguin I

think that’s the coolest part you can
even make the penguin fly through the

different rooms of the school there are
a lot of boxes inside this game and you

just take them out from smallest to
biggest and it kinda like fits together

so it’s a box in the box game and also
this back thing is actually part of the

board what oh yeah the bottom of the
the game board is actually one of the pieces

of the board yeah so that’s the cool
part see so you can see a hit of the ice

school down there it’s blue it’s made of
the ice there’s also a second part to the

the game you can buy it’s called ice cool
too and basically it’s another school

that you can combine with the first one
to make the school type twice as big and

by doing so you can also play with
double the amount of players so this is

for 2 to 4 players but the expansion is
for 2 to 8 players because you connect

ice cool number three you start a party
in this game, you have to try to figure

out the other player’s dinosaurs I like
this game because I love dinosaurs

it’s my favorite extinct animal okay so
uh just to clarify what this game is

about is there’s many different
dinosaurs and you’re trying to figure

out the identities of the other players
because it could be any of the 20 or so

options that there are and it’s a
process of elimination game so it’ll be

like does this dinosaur have glasses
what color room is it in this a story

yeah this dinosaur Tea Party nothing to
stuff fables in this game it’s like a

storybook so you have to try to defeat
minions and teawrex and stuff and there

are seven
chapters seven different like scenarios

or stories in the storybook and this is
a cooperative game all right you just

have to play through this scenario that
you choose without getting defeated by

the monsters you are stuffed animals I
like this game because not all games are

in this storybook defeating minions
I like the imaginary playful aspect of

the game word stuffed animals going to a
different world trying to defeat

monsters and it’s just very wild and
imaginary and fun it’s a storybook game

and also it’s kind of like a

yeah guess there are choices you will be
making choices on what to do in the game

this is stuff fables and number one is
fireball Island this game you have to

avoid fireballs and try to get the most
points you get points fine by getting

snapshots and gems I like this game
because you get to shoot the fireballs

to knock down other players
there are many expansions in the game

this is just what about you you act
makes to the board and there’s a click

ok yeah ok so if you like adventure
stuff like Indiana Jones which basically

is the theme of this expansion because
he is afraid of snakes

they make the cover look quite him I
think he even has an Indiana Jones hat

so if you like adventure then check
these this game and expansion up

fireball I leave that’s my talk time
once again you can purchase all the

games that we mentioned at the link in
the description which is in our Amazon


store bye bye



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