Lessons Learned From This World in the Past few Days
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First Time in Life 21 New Learning (things) in Lock Down Days

Lessons Learned From This World in the Past few Days

Some Lessons You Might Have Learned in These Past Few Days:

1. The U.S is not any longer the world’s leading country.

2. China won the 3rd war without firing a missile and nobody could handle it.

3. Europeans aren’t as educated as they seem.

4. we will survive vacations without trips to Europe and the USA.

5. Rich people are actually less immune than the poor.

6. citizenry are opportunistic and despicable regardless of their socioeconomic position when prices are rising.

7. No priest, poojari, or baba’s saved patients.

8. Humans are important viruses on the earth.

9. we will spend Billions of Rupees on the poor without red-tapism.

10. Health professionals are worth quite a footballer.

11. Oil is worthless during a society without consumption.

12. How animals feel within the zoo.

13. the earth regenerates quickly without humans into play.

14. The Majority of individuals can work from home.

15. We and therefore the kids can survive without food.

16. Prisoners in jails for petty crimes are often released.

17. Living a hygienic life isn’t difficult.

18. Only women aren’t alleged to know cooking.

19. There are tons of excellent people within the World.

20. If you build more schools, the why you’ve got to construct lesser hospitals.

21. Media should publish real news not fake.

Stay blessed 😊

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