One day Acne Control – Pimple Patch Really Worked for Shadhikazeez – Tamil Video


Have already told you all about a home remedy for pimple! Have also clearly explained the reasons for getting pimples! Have already uploaded a video on the measures to be done to prevent pimples… and have also suggested a best pimple-clearing gel! As am getting pimples again,

👉My facewash Oily skin & Pimples Skin- Ponds (

I wish to utilize this chance to test and show you a different product for pimple-clearing! and am gonna do that in this video:) In recent times, am severely getting pimples for the past week! This is because I’m taking a few tablets as I got some digestion problems… … because am editing videos for day and night without sleeping… and also managing other works as well!

Thereby, I got some digestion problems and had to take some tablets for that! I don’t know if it doesn’t suit me or not, I started getting many pimples now! You can see a pimple on the forehead that has just gone recently! and another big one here! and also some tiny pimples here and there… and when I touch here, it’s slightly painful as a new pimple is gonna come! and I have small pimples everywhere… But I’m maintaining those to prevent it from developing! And am having this pimple since my last two videos! and am having it for 5 days… and I never had a pimple that extended for these many days! Am gonna test it on this pimple which I am having for 5 days!

That is.. Am gonna use a pimple-clearing patch! It looks like a bandage and you can apply it on the pimple… but it looks transparent like a glass… and it doesn’t have many ingredients! It has only one main ingredient called Hydrocolloid! So, it’s a kind of bandage made out of that ingredient…

It has a huge hype that if you apply this on your pimples, it will clear the pimple overnight! … for this hydrocolloid acne patches! Will test it and show you the results! And I bought it from the brand called “Urban Gabru”! I have bought it as a set of hair spray, hair wax, etc., and it is one of those products! I thought as if it is getting wasted… but as am getting more pimples now, am gonna use it and show you if it works or not!

Am gonna use it now and will say it’s good if I get good results! As you all know already, if I didn’t get good results, will openly say it’s a waste! We have many brands when we consider pimple patches, When you search for a pimple patch on Amazon, it’ll show several brands! But, this one had a higher quantity… that is, it has 36 dots/bandages in different sizes which is worth the price! Will show you now! Am gonna open it now and this is the first time in my life, am using a bandage for pimples! You will itself see if there’s a good result…

It’ll be a waste if we don’t get the desired result! It will look like this and when you open it… That’s a waste and this is what we need! They’ll give a total of 36 pimple bandage in different sizes… You can use it according to your pimple size! This pimple is slightly big and so will use a bigger patch! Am so frustrated that it stays nearly for 5 days and so am gonna use it! An important thing is, please do wash your face with your regular facewash before using this! and you can apply it after that!

Now, am gonna take a big round patch and will apply the stickier side on the pimple! Place the stickier side on the pimple! I have pasted it correctly… and it is not much visible that we have applied a patch on the pimple when viewed from a long-distance… which is really a good thing! After pasting, it doesn’t have any reaction like pain or irritation! I doubt if it really works:( Will leave it on my face overnight and let’s see the result in the morning! We have seen that the pimple was slightly reddish and it still had the pus inside… that is, the pimple was in an active form without drying even after 5 days! Neither the pus came out nor it became dry and it just stayed inside… … which was really so irritating for me! Hence, I decided to try out something new! Will show you the live results in the morning! Let’s see in the morning and am gonna sleep now! Good Night:) It’s morning now and I just woke up from sleep! It’ll be somewhat noisy in our location in the morning… and so I’ll be mostly doing all the videos at night! So, kindly adjust if there’s any background noise! Now let’s see and I had that sticker on my face throughout the night! In between, when I changed the T-shirt, it slightly touched on that, but still, it’s so strongly bound! Now let’s see how it is! Please adjust that my voice might be somewhat different as I just woke up like we all usually have! I haven’t yet brushed my teeth:) Couldn’t see it… maybe will somewhat reduce the lighting as it’s not visible! Okay!… Hope this sticker is visible now! Now, am gonna peel off the sticker! Actually, it was looking slightly bulged when we saw it yesterday night… and the pus was there inside! But, now you can see that all the pus inside the pimple has come out… and that too without any pain and also no hole is created! Actually, I had a fear that it may create a hole when we peel off the sticker… But it didn’t do so… This material is very smooth and you won’t feel any pain while removing it… and it won’t stick so hard that you feel difficult to remove! You won’t have any such difficulty!… While removing, it just comes out very smoothly which is really great! Now you can see that there is no pus inside… and it has become like a flat skin! It was looking bulged when I touched it yesterday but it’s better now! Now will go and wash my face like how I do regularly! It is priced at 379 rupees on Amazon! This product is really worth for 379 rupees… because I have used it for another purpose other than using it for acne! That is… I have pasted the same acne patch sticker on my front cam! I just simply tried pasting it… It superbly blurred the camera and there’ll be no access to the front camera… If you have any privacy issues, you can paste it on the front cam! This is not its purpose… and it’s just for extracting acne! It had 36 dots/stickers which seemed to be too much, so, I took and pasted one on this! But seriously, it works really good! You may also paste it on the back camera and it will fit the hole perfectly! Besides using it for pimples, you have this additional benefit too! You won’t feel any pain or irritation on the pimple… You’ll just forget that you have pasted it on your face! Seriously I think it is worth buying! If you have a big-bulged pimple with pus inside, it will stripe off the entire pus in overnight! So, in that case, I will say this is really so helpful! It will surely remove the pus from the pimple in one night! And I used it for a pimple which had the pus inside for 5 days, I got very frustrated and so I tried this one! Yes! It is really a worthy product! Another important thing is… Please do put the remaining stickers back on the same cover… and lock it with this cover! After placing, put it back in this box as it is safer to keep it inside this! As you will be using it for your face, it should be always covered… so that it will be free from bacteria or fungus! So, please do always close and keep it properly like this! Whenever required, you can take and paste it on your pimple! Hope this pimple patch video was helpful to you guys! It was helpful to you or not… but, it was very helpful for me… Because it was so irritating to me for 5 days! Finally, after using this, I openly admit that it really gave good results! Please do comment below if you know any other product for pimples! Will have a look and analyze those products… and after using it, will surely make a video on it! Hope this video was helpful to you guys! See you all in another useful video! Until then, it’s bye from shadhik! Stay Strong! Stay Positive!


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