One Exercise Trains Hole Body
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One Exercise Trains Hole Body

One Exercise Trains Hole Body

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One Exercise That Fires All (super time saver) Workouts at Home

What’s up, guys?

Today, I wanna share one exercise.

When you do, it trains your entire body.

When I say the entire body,
meaning that all the main

large muscles, such as
your chest, your back,

One Exercise Trains Hole Body
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your shoulders, and your legs.

So, this exercise is a combination

of a few exercises together
into one exercise.

You save a lot of time,
and it is really powerful.

So, this is how this exercise looks like.

So, this exercise, when you do,

you fire up different body parts,

and other than just training
your muscles, this exercise

burns a lot of calories.

Okay, so, to set this up, first of all,

you have to stand in a
neutral position, all right,

so you’re gonna get down to the floor.

Get a mat because you’re
about to go all the way down.

That means to go all the way
down, do a negative pushup,

and put your arms flare
out, and from here,

you’re about to extend your
arms and your feet together

at the same time, so here, you
wanna hold one second, one.

You’re gonna recover.

Arms go back beside your armpit.

Flare your elbow.

Do a pushup, and do a jump, right.

So, when you do this, number one,

you trained your chest by going down.

Number two, when you extend
out, you do a back extension.

You trained your back.

You trained your lower back.

You trained your glutes
because you are extended.

All right, so when you
recover, once again,

you train your chest, your
shoulder, and during the jump in,

you are actually training
your abs, your lower abs

because of this, the flexion, hip flexion.

And when you jump,

you fire up the legs, right.

So, when you do this exercise,

although it’s only one
exercise, if you do, like,

10 reps or more, you will feel the burn

in your cardiovascular system.

You feel that you need more oxygen.

This is why this exercise
It is really awesome.

Trains your entire body,
and give you a really nice,

good cardio workout session.

And if you wanna learn
more about how to train all

of the smaller muscles like your biceps,

your side shoulders, and so on,

you can always check out
my other videos right here

or check out my channel
because I post a lot

of stuff on how to do them, all right.

So, give it a try, guys.

How many reps?

I would say at least do 10 reps, right,

or go up to 20 reps for
one set, take a break,

and do 20 reps, one other set.

Do it for five sets, you are free to go.

All the best.

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