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SALE On – Dell Inspiron 7000 Series 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop – $600

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Here we have a new inspired laptop right here Inspiron 7000 series so that’s a new one is it a first time you shot yes so here here Aletha is the first time so this we’re upgrading to the simp akin to the narrow vessels either side is helping us to get to a smaller screen size some version have patched some done yeah we do models we touch them with it without but we’re looking at a brushed aluminium finish so it’s good quality material it’s also a nice thin and light system and so it’s very easy importable you’ll see we have it in the pink champagne color we also see versions with silver so we have a choice on the color options here super speed USB yes right yeah what we’ve also have is we have models that have an option where we have a fingerprint reader that allows us support for windows hello so authentication with the fingerprint again just improving usability and so what’s the price for that one different others I’m not sure an exact configuration but this is available now so the 30 as of today so all of these else will be on the website to delve out the e yeah we do 13 inches 15 inch so this is a 13 inch clamshell we have a 15 inch plant shell we also do a 15 inch with a 360 hinge so a two in one which means you can actually turn around and use it in a tablet mode we have support for active pen as well so you have a very natural drawing or writing interface with the Windows operating system we also have on the system we have software called smart bite and that’s we’re seeing much more users are using the laptops now for consuming video content and with a smart bite technology allows you to prioritize video streaming or communications so it gives a better user experience and minimizes the timezone you have to have buffering pauses or every other day or Assizes other things not the processes it’s the network monitor the network so it’s similar as we have in our XPS portfolio who is the killer Wireless it happens in hardware but this is bringing in a software level that we have that across fields from 7000 series now as good marinate hey yes I remember exactly we run about nine hours I think on the battery life and it’s available how soon 31st of August so available today

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