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Sharing my self-care routine and tips

I think it’s more important than ever before to put the effort into looking after ourselves and as a mother that’s been a challenge,

these are the things I managed to do throughout the week that made me feel pampered and taken care of the very first thing that I do starts the night before,

I choose what I’d like to wear for the next day personally I feel way better when I’m not in pyjamas all day long then in the morning after my baby feeds and drowses back to sleep.

I get up and do a quick morning skin care routine skin care is my favorite form of self-care,

these days it’s hard not to feel pampered when you’re doing something for yourself that not only makes you feel good but look nice as well,

I’m a firm believer in making the bed every morning you may notice a pattern I’m doing things that set me up to not feel sleepy or want to slip back into my bed,


another thing I do for myself daily is that I make myself and my husband a nice coffee it is such a simple thing, but it really helps put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

I also try to make brunch for us every day as well when I think of self-care I think about reducing vulnerability one of my big ones is hunger,

There’s this great app that I found for those who eat intuitively what I like about it is that you can set general goals like incorporating more vegetables into your meals,

personally, it keeps me from missing meals and it gives me a general idea as to what I’m reaching for these days along the same lines,


drinking water almost a gallon a day is a big part of my self care I think it’s one that you’re told often but it really does make a difference when you drink enough water,

I also try to do something baking or pastry related weekly this particular time,


I made some chocolate peanut butter cups (silicone mold, 1 cup chocolate chips) baking and pastry work make me happy

(3 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil) Melt the chocolate chips for 10s intervals in the microwave or over the stove at low heat Add in the coconut oil and combine Pour one teaspoon into each mold

I made these particularly for my night time wake ups with my baby Move around in each direction to coat it’s tough being the only one awake and still having to function the next day

(place in freezer to harden) making a small treat helps Put 1/2 teaspoon peanut butter into each cup Cover with one teaspoon chocolate Chill in freezer to harden enjoy another thing is that

I try to do a quick makeup look for the day even if I have to do it with my baby attached to me it’s one of those self-care habits that helps me feel put together since I’m home I’m not wearing my hijab so I actually style my hair,

but here I’m showing you up how I styled my hijab even if all I get to do is brush my hair on some days that step of taking care of myself it makes a world of difference for me

I also take my vitamins and supplements I feel better knowing that I’m taking things that help my body work its best

I also believe in aromatherapy one of my favorite things is collecting perfume samples this one was Under The Lemon trees by Replika working out is a tough one,

but I do my best to get in whatever I can whenever I can even if it means doing yoga on my bathroom floor I don’t make any excuses and I’ll do a quick yoga circuit before

I shower other times I’ll do a super quiet HIIT workout while my babies nap I try to be as quiet as possible I’m only recently back into working out and haven’t committed to a specific time yet

I just try to get in whatever I can since we can’t leave home now a big part of self care for all of us has been opening the windows for fresh air and sometimes even just standing on the balcony and doing some stretches too

another thing that I practice is wearing a mask or hydrogel eye mask while I’m breastfeeding it’s another small thing that’s easy to do and makes me feel and look less tired

I usually shower at night after everyone is asleep it’s the most me time I get showers, for me, aside from the cleanliness offer a calming sound they help relax my sore neck and back and offer space to think or reflect


I do this one daily five times per day and that’s prayer prayer is spiritual self-care taking that time to reconnect with God throughout the day makes me feel comforted and gives my heart peace

another form that you can do is meditation it’s funny how Suki is always near during those times because another thing that lifts my spirits is petting her even on hard days,


when she comes up to me I feel so much relief just from petting her and hearing her purr putting on a cozy robe before bed is another nice touch to help me wind down from the busy day

followed by a hot tea this one is caffeine-free and meant to help with sleep I love the taste and smell of it it’s really calming and sets me up to fall asleep quickly and then finally journaling,

because I find my thoughts keeps me up some nights when I journal then I’m less likely to have that problem I just dump what’s on my mind onto paper as I sip my tea then I head to bed and that’s what I’ve been managing to do in terms of self-care these days

if you’d like for me to do a full-day pamper routine let me know in the comments below or if there’s anything else you’d like for me to share

I know we are all in difficult times but I hope this shows that you can still take moments for yourself and tend to your needs if you like this let me know if your support motivates me to keep posting.

Sharing my self care routine and self care tips to get through self quarantine (social distancing) as a busy mom of two. It’s difficult to get in time to myself as a mom of two; a busy toddler and a newborn.

Let alone while social distancing and quarantined at home in a small condo. This is how I make it work. Hopefully, it inspires you to take time for yourselves. Mental health has been a topic of discussion for a while and now more than ever, it’s important to recognize and understand the state of our own mental health.

Being isolated from others can bring on a negative headspace. Try and take whatever moments you can in your day to look after yourselves. I recommend starting with reducing vulnerabilities: Treat any physical illness, eat (nourish your body and avoid restrictive eating patterns), avoid toxic people/things, sleep (try to rest whenever you can) and exercise (to get those endorphins pumping).

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