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TikTok App Going To Ban | Ratings Goes Down In India | CarryMinati Fans Power

TikTok App User Ratings going down very badly, 4.5 stars to 1.2 stars now,

all this because of CarryMinati Fans power

There is a Social Media War is going on YouTubers vs TikTokers main fight began with CarryMinati vs AmirSiddiqui

After deleting video take down of YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK | THE END

if this user review goes below 1.0 star and then rating issue continues tiktok app will be no longer in google play store

every Indian has started hating TikTok and uninstalling the App feels not safe for family and children’s

TikTok App Going To Ban | Ratings Goes Down In India | CarryMinati Fans Power

User reviews

Twm3rocksMay 18, 2020The app started out ok but quickly took a downward turn. The dev team does not respond to reported issues. Accounts are typically frozen. And I came to the realization that the app is essentially a parasite to the music industry since most content use popular music and no talent from the creator themselves (this is not to say that all creators do this). The final straw for me was the incident with the boy who committed suicide live and the dev team did not report it to the police for 3 hours.

Maj Md Abdullah Al MamunMay 18, 2020 The app won’t open after download, done this EIGHTEEN times, (yes, I actually counted) I think I’d have loved this app, too bad I literally never got to experience it. And no, this is not a phone problem. I use a Huawei Mate 20 Pro that I bought less than a week ago, and my Internet is just fine. Please resolve this issue, TikTok team.

Devansh PrajapatiMay 19, 202028772Hello tik tok , I loved this app while , I was installed it . But it was stuffs my daily internet pack so fastly , and it is boring application .too many adds while watching videos . And when I posted some videos it was published but no any likes infact , no any views in 4 videos and 3 videos deleted by tik tok . So I am so angry .so I don’t like this application . It was worst app , I have seen ever .

Alok SinghMay 18, 202022503It was nice platform to showcase the talent.. but I don’t know what people see, it’s just a time pass App.. never think that you will reach the top.. cringes are on top.. people struggling have to struggle.. please bring some algorithm which woul help small users too.. I did not find this app useful.. I waste my whole day watching those videos.. it simply waste of time..

ChIcKeNMay 19, 2020616it’s pretty good but it’s quite hard to record your voice at an audible volume. It’s not the creators’ fault the community can be pretty terrible, but please, if anyone is reading this who thinks tik tok is terrible, give it a try and look to see on the search feature if anything interests you. The for you page when you begin and the adverts are pretty terrible, but if you know where to look, there is good. And my opinion probably isn’t enough, but please try it out.

Vikram KumarMay 19, 202010559Dear TikTok team. I love this app but I have some problem using the app as I am very active in it but I don’t get more than 200 views on my videos. Even after posting the problem with TikTok team in the app. But my problem is not solved. I see some videos with no beauty and creativity but they getting million of views and likes. it’s shocking please solve the problem. I love TikTok and want more views on my videos.my tik tok id is [email protected] please resolve my problem as soon as possible.

Malachi MorrisMay 18, 202010288I feel as if this app is trying to do what Vine did, but failing in so many easy ways. Real content isn’t supported by the algorithm, but instead things that evoke funny reactions, due the the fact that comments being liked adds to the posts’ total likes. If this is a platform trying to breed good comedy, that’s just sad, how hard you’ve failed. The funny thing is that the Ad campaign actually drove me away from the app, but I guess I should’ve just stayed away.

Himanshu DoriaMay 19, 202010701Lack of Video filters. Lack of sound effects. You cant even record proper HD style videos in this app. 1 minute video limit is not enough. And whats with lack of filters in the content. I am getting videos of pre-pubescent kids doing vulgar things in the featured section. Please guys skip it. Better to download snapchat if you really want better deal.

Ketan TamboliMay 19, 20206712Dont install this App… Consumes more battery, took too much space, in few minute mobile data goes to end, sometimes it hags the system, when u use this app most of times you unable to receive call due to busy screen, this app worst point is he automatically allow some permission like contact(no need when actually use), use to permission of location, call, mike and many more.

Rishabh JainMay 19, 20209095The app is highly glitchy and rarely works as you expect it to. Regarding the video content, they are all repetitive, boring and honestly irritating videos. Some with lip syncs are good, but again, the majority of them have subpar content. Maybe look into investing your time in something else, because this just takes it and doesn’t give back anything that is anywhere close to being worth it for the amount of time you put in. Tldr; the app is bad, glitchy and has annoying content.

golu nannuMay 18, 20201790The app is really very cool and fun. But i have some problems. Actually i was gettting 100+ views on every video but suddenly the graph falled to not more than 50. Yesterday i posted a duet with a common video. But my video got deleted due to community guidelines of the app. I dont think the video was violating any of them. Also many users posted the same video. If i did that by mistake i am really sorry. Please bring the video back. I will take care from now. ID -( s_nandini._ ). Please help!

Aleen MMay 18, 202023760This app is biased! I only use it to see all the talented people but I’ve noticed one thing that really hurt me. There are people who are making their own songs and making videos, there are people who write their own poems and make videos and their are people who create their own content and make videos, but all these people have really less likes and views. Why? Whereas there are people who only do lip-sync nd make videos on other people’s content without even giving credits.

Edwing AparicioMay 19, 20206295I’ve been unable to connect my number to the app even after deleting my old account. I keep getting messages from friends, but I’m unable to reply, which makes no sense. Either let me add my phone number, don’t let people send me messages, or don’t require a phone number in the first place.

Saket GodseMay 19, 20208280Not satisfied with the app performance..!! Videos uploaded by girls received more views.And tiktok user usually forget to enjoy with family when they are on a outing and are busy in shooting the video.This is not a good sign at all.

Shanika KhurmiMay 19, 20206759This is the worst app I’ve ever used. The app which crashes all the time. I made an account and I got 100k+ followers. And then it started to freeze. This app has no one who solves your problem. Even “report us” is useless. They never reply or do anything. Useless app. Just tries to gain new people and then play with their account.

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