TikTok Stop | 59 Chinese Apps Banned By Indian Government
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TikTok Stop. 59 Chinese Apps Banned By India

TikTok Stop | 59 Chinese Apps Banned By Indian Government

The big breaking news story coming in the ministry of information technology invoking its powers under Section 69 a of the IT Act has made a very very major decision today it says in view of the emergent nature of threats they’ve decided to block 59 apps since in view of the information available they are engaged in activities which are prejudicial and suffer to the sovereignty and integrity of India

the defense of India and security of the state and public order this includes the very high profile app TikTok by byte dance and several others we’ll bring you their entire list in a little while from now over the last few years India has emerged the government says as a leading innovator when it comes to tech advancements and a primary market in the digital space at the same time there have been raging concerns on aspects relating to data security and safeguarding the privacy of 130 crore Indians let’s go across,

is this directly linked to the attention against China in Ladakh absolutely Vishnu the sources are telling us that this decision is a clear-cut message to the Chinese government and also the science agencies which have been using you know they have been accused of using all these Chinese application mobile applications they were being used as a spyware and malware and public safety and security were jeopardized because of this and they also there are tremendous reports with the government that how the privacy of the Indian citizens wall were being violated by this Chinese apps and there are close links between the the technology companies of the Chinese origin and also the military of China so all these evidences were before the government the sources are very clear that the Modi government has taken this from this year and this is a clear-cut message to China that how the Gov that how that India so validity and the integrity of the country will cannot be compromised with and also how it is going to hurt the Chinese investment elsewhere also because remember these companies their huge investment in India millions and billions Indian users use these platforms for several years

they are making lots of lots of money form India and after this move by the Government of India, of course, the shares and the valuation of all these Chinese company is going to go down and we have similar reports coming from other countries also they have a similar companies against these Chinese mobile application and so Chinese tech companies so there are they are now expected to follow India’s example so this is a clear-cut message to China and this comes ahead of tomorrow’s crucial talks between the top military leaders and now we have seen that this government has taken dementia this year as far as Chinese technology companies are concerned and wish to remember this there’s a huge demand within India that the government should act against these companies which have been you know compromising with the privacy settings and the user’s safety of Indian users who have been using it in a large number.

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