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Trump’s Unannounced Hospital Visit


Trump Doctor visit memes – that time when Trump made a surprise weekend hospital visit Saturday afternoon to Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. The trip came on a day when President Trump had no public events on his schedule. Trump had his first annual physical as president in January 2018. His second was in February 2019.

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Trump’s Unannounced Hospital Visit

come in if you’re good-looking sorry to
keep you waiting search fine

anything’s better than going back to
work so we ran some tests and we found a

few things all right
laid on me duck okay well you have

tennis elbow but in your thumbs we’re
calling it Twitter digits Chang serious

be quieter Donald get off Twitter
shut your trap Melania not really

just tweet less ocean of a bitch okay
also your your blood work came back

Oh No found some quid pro quo bribery

fraud dirt Biden and extortion what is
your diet I eat salad real well there’s

lettuce on the double cheeseburgers I
eat right which I peel off say what cuz

it’s gross we also found something in
your collar my what something up your

butt oh oh no that’s just David Nunez
he’s always up there oh yeah

did you run those other tests I asked
you for

yes and I’m sorry to say that Eric and
Don jr. are your biological children you

son of a bitch okay I think we’re done

wait down what do I get a sticker and a
lollipop for my visit today dan for

being a good boy
dan be quiet Donald watch ah forget it



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