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There is a Social Media War is going on YouTubers vs TikTokers main fight began with CarryMinati vs AmirSiddiqui

AmirSiddiqui claims that many of the YouTubers copy their TikTok content on youtube and lazy to make videos daily on youtube, TikTok users make a daily high number of uploads than youtube users.

For this AmirSiddiqui statement Carry’s Reply

CarryMinati replies on a roasting style which this video goes viral youtube with 68 million viewership, many of the CarryMinati fans shows huge support to him and blames TikTok to close in India, the first time in the history CarryMinati gets 10Million Likes for this video.

But only the main thing which many of the people on social media platforms hate CarryMinati speech of using abusive bad language which is adult rated 18+ contents he makes, that’s why this particular (YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END) video never performed on the youtube trending page.

what is your suggestion on this social media war kindly do comment below

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There is a YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END video attached below kindly watch it

Who is Amir Siddiqui? Why is he trending on Twitter?

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Amir Siddiqui is a “famous” TikTok-er. He has a decent amount of following on Tik Tok and he believes himself to be a social media influencer.
Recently he posted a video of him taking a jab at the well-known YouTuber – Carryminati and calling him out- for calling tik tok creations of many Indian artists (including Amir’s creations)- as cringe or unappealing.

He then sort of began calling out differences between Youtubers and Tik tokers:

and how Youtube isn’t a united community, while Tik Tok is,
and how YouTubers don’t have any individual creativity and copy each other’s ideas and make videos on the same topics.
He also mentioned how Tik Tok has so many brand ambassadors while youtube has lesser.
He wanted Carryminati to stop degrading tik toks made by his fellow creators.
BASICALLY- he sort of started a Youtube V/S TikTok battle.
NOW- Carryminati Posted a video again- of him roasting the video made by Amir Siddiqui. This video of Carryminati’s crossed 2 Million Likes in just 5 hours!!! And it has been a trending topic on twitter ever since!

Many YouTubers loved his video too( including famous people like Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Beniwal, and Bhuvan Bam).
This “battle” is not really a big deal. No one is really serious about this. But it’s exciting to watch and participate in – when all are bored in a lockdown. 😆



CarryMinati is an Indian gamer, roaster, rapper, YouTuber who usually makes roast videoes on his youtube channel. carryminati real name is Ajey Nagar. currently he is having 1,138,139,155 views and 16 million subscribers on his youtube channel. he is having one more channel name as carryislive where he does live streams while playing video games.carryislive has more than 4.63 million subscribers and also he came in the list of top 10 most subscribed channels of India.

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last week ELVISH YADAV make a roast video on some TikTokers on his second channel name as elvish Yadav vlogs. after watching this video some tiktokers get offended and they try to prove that TikTok is better than youtube and then amir Siddiqui upload the video in IGTV and try to tell that TikTok is better than youtube and he is also saying that tiktokers have more face value, telling about the Instagram engagement and other things but that post is hated by the audience and amir Siddique take down his IGTV video but on the reply of those videos many of the YouTubers like- Aamer’s den,rawknee show and many more YouTubers roasts again amir Siddiqui the carryminati upload video name as youtube vs tik tok: the end.
then this video get viral and broke several records this video gets more than 65 million views in 5 days and carryminati gains more than 5 million subscribers

after this video carryminati twitter page came in trending
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